The Best travel Destination

The Best travel Destination

For marketing professionals who love to work with voice!

The best travel destination for marketing professionals who love voice

The best travel destinations for Marketing professionals who love voice is a destination where you can learn more about voice, meet new voice marketeers and still have a holiday feeling. We selected four perfect travel destinations for voice marketeers.

  • Barcelona
  • Rome
  • Bali
  • Peru

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As a marketing professional you obviously work way to hard, love you work way to much and spent way to much time on setting up this Voice project within Merkle. After this project is finished we obviously deserve a well earned holiday. 

So the question rises what is the best travel destination for marketing professionals who love to work with voice? These men are a special bread among human beings, so they have their own criteria for the best travel destination for them.

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To find the best travel destination for your next holiday is always a tough decision. If you are a marketing professional who loves voice this is even harder! That's why we invented the Voice application to find the best travel destination for marketing professionals who love voice


Rome is a perfect travel destination if you love culture, photography and marketing. Especially for voice lovers this is a perfect destination. Rome is famous for it’s Colloseum, Vatican City and many more historic sites, but have you ever seen the voice app industry? Merkle has a large factory with marketing consultants who work on their voice innovations. Great to see them at work!


Besides Rome, Barcelona is a great destination for marketing professionals who love to work with voice. Besides the Ramblas, Sagrada Familia and other famous sites, Barcelona has it’s own Voice Hub, called Stitch. Stitch is a small hub where Voice marketing consultants come together to share their knowledge and ideas with eachother.


South-East Asia is a region which everyone knows. The beautiful and tropical destinations within this region are Instagram worthy. But did you know Bali also has a big Voice community?! A lot of young professionals traveled to Bali to work together on this beautiful island of Indonesia. Because there are so many marketing professionals, the Voice knowledge is great! 


Of course Peru is known for Machu Picchu, and Alpaca's. But Peru is way more then just that. Mancora for example is a beautiful beach in the west of Peru. Also Peru is a country with a big community of Voice specialists from all over the world. Every week they have multiple Voice meetups all accross the country. If you love beaches, culture and Voice, this is the perfect destination!


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